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People with celiac disease may have anti-bodies that cause osteoporosis October 15, 2009

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Researchers at The Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine at the University of Edinburgh have been studying people with celiac disease.  They have found that about 20 percent of celiac patients produce antibodies that attack a protein called osteoprotegerin.  Osteoprotegerin is an important component of the bone breakdown and buildup process.  Osteoprotegerin controls how much bone is removed.   This shows that people with celiac disease may have osteoporosis from another factor and not just from poorly absorbed calcium and vitamin D. 

I am very interested in this study since I have osteoporosis.  One of the main questions I have is, would the person still make the antibodies that attack the osteoprotegerin proteins if they are on a gluten-free diet?  I will report if I find any more information.


One Response to “People with celiac disease may have anti-bodies that cause osteoporosis”

  1. Anna Hayward Says:

    Coeliacs people are also more prone to osteomalacia (adult rickets) which makes the bones soft and bendy, and causes severe bone pains. It is principally caused by vitamin D deficiency.

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