Jim and I went on a mountain bike ride yesterday in the wild lands in Bonaire.  This being a dry season the trees and shrubs have been bare.  We did get a week of rainy weather so the leaves are starting to pop.  The rain also brought out the mosquitoes, which are feasting on me!  This is a photo of a huge cactus and a saddle tree.  I had decided to wear an old pair of shoes that I had left here.  Within 5 minutes on the trail the soles started falling off.  Luckily Jim had some tape in his pack and we were able to keep the soles on until we were back home.  Rubber just disintegrates here.  Those shoes are in the garbage can and I will take my new ones back to Idaho when I leave.

New Year’s Eve 

Goodbye to 2015.  It was a good year, lots kept us busy.  The most important was the addition of our precious grandson on March 11, 2015.  Torin has lit up Grandpa and Mimi with his smiles, giggles and cuddles.  We are lucky to live so close to him and Brad and Anaya when we are in Idaho.  

Now we are enjoying our alternate life in Bonaire!  No snow or cold here!  We love our life!  


My new favorite blog: by Bill Gates

Hike to Seru Largu

It was a very rainy day yesterday, which Bonaire needs.  We are glad to have our cistern filling up again.  We went for a hike with Marcy and Daniel on Route 63 (the name we gave the trail that starts next door to our lot, #63) over the top of the island, where we can see the other coast.  Continued on to Seru Largo which is another view point where we can see all of Kralendijk.  Along the way we were drenched by a brief rain storm.  We made it back home before the next rain.  Just in time for sunset.   


Morning moon set

Merry Christmas!  We have a ritual of watching the sun set.  This morning we were treated to a delightful moon set.  The full moon was shining on the broad ocean, brightening the the island, sky and sea.

Being able to watch the sky more closely here, due to the warm weather and the flat ocean, we spend more time exploring the nighttime sky.  If you are interested in more about the moon set here is a link to some interesting information.  Sometimes you see the moon during the day but you won’t see a full moon during the day.  A full moon is opposite the earth from the sun so it always sets when the sun rises and rises when the sun sets.

New Discoveries about celiac disease

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center is pleased to announce that its team of researchers, led by Dr. Bana Jabri, has made new discoveries in understanding the cause of celiac disease.

The opening paragraph of the summary linked to above has a description of celiac disease:


Normally, the immune system of our gut is constantly and closely scrutinizing all ingested proteins, making sure that no inflammatory reactions are generated upon their ingestion. One of the players inducing intestinal regulatory responses is retinoic acid, a metabolite of vitamin A.  A notable exception is celiac disease, where genetically susceptible individuals develop an inflammatory response (mediated by both, T cells and antibodies) against dietary gluten, a protein present in wheat.

 This is a medical paper and not easily understood but the encouraging fact is that celiac disease is being studied and scientists and physicians are working on a cure or antidote.

Celiac Disease by Jennifer Sygo

This is an interesting article with good information about celiac disease including why it is so important to be diagnosed:

The longer a celiac sufferer is exposed to gluten, however, the more serious the consequences: Those with celiac are significantly more likely to develop bowel cancer in their lifetimes, and the side-effects of the nutrient deficiencies become more serious over time.

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